About The EpisodeEdit

Lou ignites the "ultimate bat signal" when Raviva threatens to move out of the apartment if he can't make room for her and Rosemary. Will Lou be able to save the day and please his baby mama with the help of his friends? Against her better judgment, Daphne continues her romance with Todd and further blurs the lines between career and love. Meanwhile, a usually straight-laced Sophia is arrested and the rest of the crew has to bail her out, while they try to figure out the truth behind her recent romantic tryst.


  • Lou and Raviva spend some quality morning time with baby Rosemary.
  • Daphne pumps Sophia for information about her mysterious first time.
  • Lou's boss confiscates his cell phone in the middle of the workday.
  • Daphen plays hooky from work with her boss, Todd, and the pair grow closer.
  • Sophia gets arrested for stealing a street sign for the sake of friendship.
  • Miles celebrates after putting together Rosemary's new crib.
  • Daphne tries to apologize to Sophia for spilling her secret.
  • The gang surprises Raviva with all her new baby stuff!
  • Miles and Lou shop for a baby crib, and give a salesman the wrong impression.