Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired October 16, 2012
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""The Crib""
Pilot is the first episode of Season 1 it aired on October 16, 2012

About The EpisodeEdit

Underemployed follows a group a five friends-Sophia, Daphne, Lou, Raviva and Miles-all filled with lofty goals, romantic dreams and hopefulness for complete world domination on their road to adulthood. But what happens when things don't go exactly according to plan? Raviva returns pregnant to an unsuspecting Lou, Daphne tempts workplace fate when she engages in a romantic moment with her boss, Miles gets a chance to meet THE Calvin Klein and Sophia finally cashes in her v-card.but to whom?


  • Sophia catches up with a college friend during a break from work.
  • Raviva shows up at Lou's doorstep after a year apart with a BIG secret.
  • Daphne and her boss, Todd, share a very public kiss after a lunch date.
  • Miles meets an older woman who is interested in more than his resume.
  • Miles tries to give Lou some advice on the Raviva-pregnancy situation.
  • Daphne quits her internship, but then negotiates a new salary (and parking space) after learning Todd's secret.
  • After searching for a job on his own, Lou finally bites the bullet and asks his dad for help.
  • Sophia spends an intimate night experimenting with Enzo's boss.
  • Raviva gives birth to baby Rosemary with her best friends by her side.