General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Pliot
Portrayer: Sarah Habel
Daphne is a Main Character in the series She played by Sarah Habel

Full BiographyEdit

Equal parts ambition and love, Daphne is trying to make her way in the business world by surrounding herself with everything she thinks she wants -- but it has come at a price...and deciding what else she is willing to personally give up to achieve the success and respect that she wishes to attain provides her biggest obstacle yet. An unpaid internship at one of Chicago's hippest advertising agencies starts as a great opportunity, but after a year of work, she's racked up a mountain of credit card debt and not a single paycheck. Further complicating things is a growing crush on her boss Todd. She knows mixing business and pleasure could make things messy, but sometimes life is messy, right?